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You all have the experience that once a banner or poster catches your attention so that you stop and study it. This is the property of banners and posters. Audience attraction. Since many years, these tools have been used as one of the most important advertising weapons. Now we are here to help you design posters and banners.

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When we start an activity or business, we are definitely not at the beginning. We need a tool that will make people know our activity and business. Banners and posters are part of these tools. The use of these tools and their visibility by people plays an important role in business visibility. In the following, we will examine putters and banners, the principles of their design and construction, the differences between them, and where they are used.

What is a poster?

Posters, like banners, are an advertising tool for attracting attention and environmental marketing. The main use of the poster is to convey the necessary message and information to the audience in a creative and effective way. The smaller the amount of writing in the poster, the more effective it will be.
In the past, posters were mainly used for national and cultural information. But over time, businesses and business owners started to think of using posters to advertise their work.

What is a banner?

It is an advertising element like a skin, but with a larger size. The banner is designed and implemented in two types, digital and printed, just like the poster. A standard banner includes relevant and high-quality images, appropriate size text, easy-to-read writing, and a suitable and beautiful color and appearance. If you manage to design and have a beautiful and suitable banner, it has a great effect on encouraging people to watch and act on it. So be sure to get help from experts in designing the banner.

Principles of banner and poster design

Before something is made, it is first visualized in the mind and then made. The same story applies to the design of banners and posters.

Before designing, a professional designer first visualizes what is going to be done and then designs it on paper or digital medium.

But there are three elements that go hand in hand to prepare a plan. Color, font and form. Let’s take a closer look at these three elements.

Color: Colors have special properties within themselves. Now what does this mean? It means that every color can convey a certain feeling. Of course, you should choose the color according to the theme of the design. For example, if it has a religious theme, it is better to use heavy and dark colors.

Font: Font, like color, has its own nature and should be determined according to the theme of your design. The font used can convey a hidden message. Let us clarify with an example. For example, if the topic of your banner or poster is an invitation to a children’s party, it is better to use more children’s fonts. This issue gives a special charm to this work. Or, for example, if your design theme is historical, it is better to use fonts that have a more classic look.

Form: Here, the form means the same elements that are used. These elements include photos, logos, vectors, etc. In fact, you should use symbols that are most relevant to the topic. For example, if the theme of your banner or poster is an invitation to a medical conference, you should use photos and elements that combine the conference and medical science to convey the message in the best way and draw people’s attention to it.

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The difference between banner and poster

Undoubtedly, the main difference between poster and banner is the content inside them. Posters are generally used to inform people. Notification of events such as celebrations, concerts, competitions, conferences, etc.
But on the other hand, banners are mostly used as an advertising tool, which can include a wide range of ads. Also, keep in mind that because banners are advertising tools, the importance of their design is much greater and it should be presented to the public with a basic and standard design.

Poster and banner are different in terms of gender. The material of the banner is woven together and has a fabric texture. There is a PVC layer on this fabric to prevent damage to the fabric. Quality oil paper is used to make the poster, which can be installed in different places. It should be said that the type of paper used for the poster can be linen, glossy, writing, etc., which is chosen according to its use and the customer’s taste.

As you know, the banner size is usually bigger than the poster and banners are designed in larger dimensions. Even though posters are smaller than banners, they still have different sizes.
Posters are designed and printed in the size of A4, A3 and A2 sheets.
But the banners have a much larger size and are available in two sizes: 400×600 and 728×90, which is medium and vertical, and the second size is large and horizontal.

A fixed price for the design and printing of posters and banners cannot be determined, but according to the information we obtained in the previous sections, it has a different price according to the size, type of fabric or paper, and also the type of design.

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The importance of the designer

Earlier, we examined what features a good design is required to have. You must know that as much as a good and principled design makes it visible, an incorrect and ugly design makes others not care about our project. So it is always better to get help from an expert and graphic designer.
Our group, having an expert, professional and creative team, is ready to accompany and cooperate with our dear customers.

Places to use banner and poster

One of the positive features of posters and banners is that there is no limit to their use in any place. Surely all of you have visited office environments. You must have seen some information banners and posters there. Or, for example, if you have visited small and large stores, you will see many small and large advertising banners and posters, all of which have the task of advertising certain products. Even in the streets, on the big billboards, you may see huge banners that shine next to their beautiful lighting.

Creativity in design banner and poster

In general, the purpose of designing and printing posters and banners is to be seen. You need your business to be seen. This visibility makes the products or services of a business come to the eyes of others. But how should we come to the eyes of others? with creativity Creativity is not just about using lots of colors and clutter in your design. Sometimes beauty and creativity appear in simplicity. But too much simplicity is not good. Sometimes you need a hustle. Everything is beautiful in its own place. The design should be such that other people are attracted to this poster or banner at first glance. Here and at Amood Collection, we are ready to help you dear ones by taking advantage of the help, knowledge and experience of design experts. You can contact us for more information.

We are happy to be a part of your growth