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Today, one of the most important assistants for business owners, including retail or service businesses, are Internet websites. These websites include online stores, corporate websites or personal blogs.
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The world is a world of communication. It is the world of technology. The world is progressing and we need to progress along with communication and technology. Our progress along with technology can bring us comfort and convenience. For example, right now that you can read this article, it shows that you are progressing with technology. Now, one of the tools that have provided us with convenience in technology are the websites that we will discuss.


An internet site consists of two parts. Front end and back end. Font end is what the user sees when entering the site. In other words, the front end is the user side, but the back end is the server side. That is, it processes a series of information that it receives from the front-end side and executes predetermined actions on them.
The expertise and focus of our collection is on front-end design.
But the front end itself has 2 important factors. UI, which is the user interface, and UX, which means user experience.
A beginner web designer is only proficient in UI, but as time passes and he gains more experience, he will master UX as well. UX means that the designer puts himself in the user’s place and knows what features a user needs when visiting the site. Or to know where to place each element, etc. The expertise and focus of our collection is on front-end design.

Types of websites


Imagine that you are the manager of a website and you feel that there should be a change in a part of the website, but you are not able to change that part and you are required to hire a programmer. This category of sites is called static. It means that the site manager cannot manipulate it.


But unlike static sites, if you are the administrator of a dynamic site, you will be able to easily change different parts of the website. Now, whether you want to add or subtract something. Nowadays, most of the sites are designed in a dynamic way and they make the work easier for site management. Using tools like WordPress content management system, this is easily possible.

Sites based on design style

Sites can be designed in two ways: exclusive coding and WordPress content management system.
The sites that are designed and implemented with special coding are completely written by the programmer and then they can be accessed on the web platform. Sites that are designed with special coding usually have higher security, faster speed and more power. Also, due to the difficulty of work, they have a high cost.
But sites that are designed with WordPress are not as difficult as dedicated coding. Because the codes are already written and only the website design specialist should put the elements in the right place. WordPress sites should be optimized using appropriate plugins and added to their speed and power. WordPress sites are usually designed at a lower price.

Advantages of the website

No time and place limitations : When you have a website for your store or your company, you will be able to serve your customers at any time and place without doing anything yourself.

Public access : In today’s world, there are conditions where everyone has access to the Internet and can benefit from your online services.

Credibility and prestige : Nowadays, people care more about appearances than quality. In this way, the more you can update yourself with today’s conditions, the more credit you will get. Having a website adds a little credit to you.

Side income : Like many social media, you can advertise on the website. If you work on the topic of SEO on your site and your site is among the top ranks of Google, you can have side income by getting advertisements.

Improve sales and service : Once you have a website of your own, you have the opportunity to know what your customers are looking for the most. So by improving your weaknesses, you can improve your situation.

Cost savings : When you run your business online, you no longer need a physical location. This will make the location fee be removed from your expenses. By examining other cases, he finds out what role it plays in reducing costs.

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What is SEO?

As a business owner, whether it is small or big, you need more people to get to know you. This more familiarity that occurs will lead to more fame and as a result your progress. In the world of technology, we have a topic called SEO. SEO can actually be the most important factor in making your name and brand known to others. In fact, SEO includes a series of actions that by optimizing the content of the site for Google search engines, it can convince Google to assign a better rank to the website according to the algorithms, and as a result, more visits will be made.

Why SEO?

Now this question may arise for you, why should you pay so much attention to SEO? Imagine that you have a hundred customers in your physical store every day. Now, if out of these hundred people, five of you buy a product at the price of one hundred, at the end of the day, you have made sales of five hundred. But on the web, imagine that about five thousand people see your online store every day and only 1% of them want to buy from you. Now imagine what advantages you have over the physical store.

How much does web design cost?

Definitely, an exact amount cannot be proposed without complete information and knowing the customer’s needs. But as you know, a website includes several pages and various features and side costs. Considering all these costs, it is the necessary amount to have a professional website.

Principles of web design

Before serving your customers, you should always know what they need. Otherwise, you will not only not be able to help the customer, but you will also push him back. So first, you should start by knowing what exactly your client wants from having a site.

You know that from the easiest tasks to the most difficult tasks, they all need special tools. To design a website, you first need a basic graphic design. In the next step, you need an environment in which you can carry out your work. But the most important thing is the hosting and domain that you can implement and run your site on this platform.

At the beginning of the design, you design this site for users who want to enter your site using personal computers or laptops. But you need to think about the users who enter your site with smaller screens. In the discussion of website design, we have a topic called responsive design, in which the designer can prepare the website for desktop, tablet, mobile and other display screens.

Maybe it has happened to you that when you visit Vardik site, you suffer from its very low speed. A professional designer should be able to record the increase in site speed using his abilities. This is very useful for retaining users. Also, sometimes some sites do not run well in some browsers. A site designer should put compatibility with all browsers on the agenda.

As we mentioned earlier, the user interface is important and the user experience is more important. That is, in addition to being beautiful from the user’s point of view, your website should make the user have a good experience from being on your website. This means that you should know with your own experience how to place each element so that the user can have a good experience.

SEO includes a wide range of content that can be followed and improved to get a good ranking in Google. You need your website to be seen repeatedly by other people on any topic. This is possible with a strong SEO. Among its rules, we can mention internal and external linking, link building, using appropriate keywords, etc.

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The importance of an expert in web design

We all know that if we compete with someone who doesn’t have our expertise in the profession we specialize in, we will definitely win. Why? Because we know how to do it. The same goes for the website designer. He knows his job and helps us with his knowledge and experience so that we can get the best quality and service. An expert web designer can take your site to the highest level. But a beginner web designer will destroy all your efforts with improper website design and implementation. Amood collection with the most expert website designers is ready to help you in the field of web design. You can contact us every time for more information.

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