Office Set Design

We all know that high prestige plays a big role in the development of our business and advertising plays a higher role. The above items can be achieved with paper and virtual advertisements, stylish and appropriate decoration, applying additional beauty to the work environment. But now we are going to examine a new option. Office set, an small collection that has a great impact on the beauty and improvement of work and office activities.

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All of you must have seen in some offices or banks that there are elements there that have a special shape and image on them, which often represent the brand and logo of that company. In fact, these elements represent that business. Among its examples, we can mention business cards, special letterheads, brandbook, pens and notebooks with unique designs, etc. Of course, office sets and its derivatives are not limited to the ones we mentioned and include a wide range that we will discuss further.
As we said before, the use of office sets play a big role in advertising and improving working conditions. For example, you have to somehow register yourself in the eyes and minds of customers and other people.
But the introduction and review of administrative sets does not end only with the mentioned cases. So stay with us to get to know.

What does the Office set include?

In this section, we intend to discuss the main and most commonly used accessories that are used in office sets.


One of the most widely used accessories used in office sets is undoubtedly stationery. You must have sometimes seen pens that refer to a specific brand or a specific person. Of course, it’s not just automatic. Pencils, notebooks and notebooks are also among these accessories that are decorated with a special design and role.
These devices are generally used in banks, government and private offices. Even sometimes during the elections, the candidates use this advertising method a lot.

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Business card

At first, you might ask, what does paper advertising include? Brochures and catalogs, business cards, banners and tracts are among the most famous elements of paper advertising. Of course, among the above, the business card is the most important element. What does a professional business card include? It is a small piece of paper that contains the logo, name, slogan, services and address of the business that is presented to other people to attract  customers. These devices are generally used in banks, government and private offices. Even sometimes during the elections, the candidates use this advertising method a lot.


You definitely have the experience of working in a bank. You have seen that, for example, on the bank receipts or forms of that bank, the name and special symbol related to that bank is written in the upper part. This work is not only for banks. Many companies and offices and other businesses also use this method. Now it wants to be on forms and slips or on purchase and sales invoices. In general, this method is a very useful way to introduce the brand to customers.

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Another common items and elements in the design and construction of office sets are calendars. Calendars are mostly used on the desktop. Among the features that are used in calendars is announcing the events of the day, but they also have a more basic use. Actually, when people look at a special calendar for a brand, what do they see in terms of history and events of the day? It is true. They see the brand name. What will be the result? It is that when a person looks at the calendar and brand name of a brand every day, that brand and business is registered in his mind. This is one of the best methods of advertising.

Advantages of office set

Organization and order

One of the advantages that office sets give us is order and integrity. Think of the coordination between pens and pens, due dates, office papers and forms, etc. The existence of these components in this way helps the integration between the components of the environment.

Raising the prestige of work

The prestige of a business has a great impact on people’s perception. Suppose you went to a company that benefits from anonymity or imitation of others. This issue has a negative effect on your decision. The use of office sets is effective on the prestige of the business.

Advertising tool

We said earlier that when you expose your brand name and logo to people, you will be unconsciously registered in their memory. This is a useful form of advertising. What is the purpose of advertising? Entering people’s minds and coming forward.

Brand identity

The identity of a collection means the survival of that collection. When do people know a brand? When it has an identity. This identity is achieved when you are unique. Using unique office sets will help you to have an identity.

What is a table Office set?

Another thing that has become popular in many offices and companies today is the use of desk sets. These sets mainly include auxiliary equipment for better use of the equipment that we use every day in the work environment. Among these items, it is possible to refer to the subordinator, stapler, seal, folder and file, pen holder, etc.
These types of devices are usually made with durable materials such as wood, leather, plastic and give a beautiful effect to the environment and office desk.

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Frequently asked questions about pricing

How much does the office set cost?

As you know, these tools and devices are made of various materials and the price of all materials is not the same. For example, the price of leather and plastic cannot be compared. Also, the amount of customer’s desired designs as well as the number of required elements has always been variable, and finally the final price is considered and determined according to the above. You can contact our experts for price details.

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How are the design steps?

First of all, you should know that the design of office sets should be done by a design specialist. A designer knows how to design office sets for you according to other decoration components. Also, a professional designer takes the best and maximum use of spaces by considering the minimum. For example, you have limited space in a business card. So if you use an expert designer, you can make the most of this little space. So don’t underestimate the help of a designer. We at Amood Group are ready to provide you services in this area by using the knowledge of office set design specialists and using specialized and advanced software. You can contact us for more information.

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