What is Brandbook?

Brandbook is a document that provides information about the brand to people and helps them get more information about the brand.

If you own a business, you know that competition is tough. But how to win the business competition? With branding. Branding includes any behavior that can introduce your brand to your target audience. Works such as exclusive logo design, appropriate name, advertising works such as brochure and catalog supply, etc. But another one of the most important branding tools is Brandbook. If we want to briefly introduce the brand book, it should be said that the brand book is a comprehensive document that contains all the information about the brand. Using these design and branding tools helps business owners to find a more special place in the minds of their audience. Today and in this article we are going to review Brandbook. So stay with us until the end.

What is Brandbook?

Brandbook is a comprehensive document that provides people with all the information and explanations about a brand. What can this information include? Brand history, brand goals and objectives, brand records, brand media, brand resume and anything else that can fully familiarize people with that brand are all conveyed by Brandbook. Using brand books can give your business a different look and personality. It can also be more targeted in introducing your brand to other people. So, with all the explanations that were given, if you are also looking for the success and development of your business in the field of marketing and more sales, it is recommended to put the production and use of brand books in your work priorities.

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Brandbook applications

You may have understood the uses of Brandbook so far in the article. But it is not bad to take a look at the main uses of this product. First of all, the most important feature of this product is the ability to communicate more easily with customers. In this way, you can do notification services at any time and place without doing anything. You can also convey your messages to your audience in a more focused way with the descriptions in it. At the same time, you can easily direct and control the marketing activities of your business. It is worth noting that Brandbook is not only for your customers. You can use this tool for further training as well as guiding your employees.

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Brandbook benefits

Increase customers

Using advertising tools intelligently can always attract people’s attention. What is the result of attracting people’s attention? Their movement towards you. When people see that you are improving day by day, they will be attracted to you. This will lead to an increase in customers for you. At the same time, using brandbook can attract the attention of your old customers. As a result, they will also be more loyal to you when they see your progress only in the advertising department.

Creating integrity in the brand

In Brandbook, you should focus the input content on the type of activities and your goals. The result of this behavior is that all the points in this document focus your goals, values, views and ideas on a specific topic. Finally, by viewing and reading the brand book, the audience will be ready to accept your brand. This issue has a great impact on attracting audience and customers. Finally, doing this will lead to improved marketing and sales.

Easier to inform the audience

Sometimes your customers or audience may need to get information about you in an inappropriate situation. But when they have Brandbook, there is no need to worry because they can find answers to their questions in it. This helps to improve the two-way relationship between the business owner and the customers.

Brandbook price

If you are also interested in owning a brandbook, now you may be curious about its price. You must know that you can never set a fixed price for an undesigned product. The final price of designing and producing brand books depends on important factors. Among these factors, we can mention the size and number of pages, the amount of content required, the material used in the production of the brand book, the required design and the salary of the design team. By changing any of these factors, the final price will also change. But considering the advantages and benefits that these products give you, they are worth spending. At Amoud Group, we are ready to design all kinds of brand books with the best price for those who are interested in this advertising tool, with the help of a professional and expert team.

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What does a brandbook include?

In general, brandbooks consist of three main parts.

Brand introduction section

Visual instructions

Communication instructions

Let’s explore these a little more.

Brand introduction section

This section is actually the most important and main part of the brandbook to introduce you to the audience. Success in the design and construction of this part can lead to the success of other parts. In this section, you introduce your brand. You tell the structures and introduce the goals and values ​​of the brand to the audience. In this section, you convey the brand name and brand slogan repeatedly to the audience by producing appropriate and intelligent content. This will register your brand in the audience’s mind and he will be attracted to you.

Visual instructions

Maybe you have heard this sentence too. Man is beautiful and loves beauty. The beautiful design of the brand book can attract the audience to you. In every brandbook, there is a series of elements that are repeatedly placed in front of the reader’s eyes. Such as logo, images, used colors, typography, etc. You should know how, how much and where to use each of these elements. But what is interesting to know is that even the instructions for making and using the elements should be provided to the audience. It means that it is better that you even provide the code of the colors you have used to the audience.

Communication instructions

Maybe you can guess what we mean by reading the title. Related instructions include any factor that the contact can use to contact you. At first, you may think that it means only important bridges such as contact number, email and social networks. But it is not like this. It is interesting to know that the description of the brand’s personality and the detailed explanation of the brand’s goals and views also make the audience able to communicate with you in a better way. It is better to leave the connecting bridges for the last sections.

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As you have seen, in this article, we introduced and fully reviewed Brandbook. We hope that we have been able to introduce this product to you as you need. We knew what advantages the use of this tool gives us and our counterpart. Don’t forget that the use of smart and modern advertising tools has a significant impact on the development of your business. If you are also looking to improve your business and develop your brand, it is better to make the use of brandbooks your priorities. We at Amood Collection are ready to help you design and build these elements. So you can contact us for free consultation and more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

To whom should we give the brand book?

We said that we use this element to familiarize people with our business. However, who do you think needs to receive these products from us? Definitely, those who intend to cooperate with us should be prioritized to receive the brand book.

Is there an economic justification for having a brand book?

Definitely yes. One of the most important points that can promote business development is having a high prestige. With these brand books, you can show a new face of your business. In fact, you raise your prestige, which is very good.

We are happy to be a part of your growth