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The world of business and marketing is very wide and complex and includes a wide range of methods and ways. Among these methods, which are among the most basic, we can mention email, SMS and content marketing. In the following, we want to examine these matters.

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As we said, with the passage of time, technology advances. With the advancement of technology, new methods enter the field of business. Certainly, keeping pace with the right and proven paths can lead to business progress and prosperity. One of these methods is digital marketing. Our main goal in this discussion is three useful methods of digital marketing. Email, SMS and content marketing are three of the best and main markting methods.
Now we are going to examine these three cases further.

Email marketing

What is email marketing?

In simple words, email marketing means sending emails to a certain number of users for marketing and increasing customers as well as improving sales. Of course, email marketing doesn’t just mean sending marketing content to thousands of users via email, but it also has techniques and methods. We will get to know the methods and techniques later, but for now it is better to know that email marketing is one of the best marketing methods to increase sales and more income.

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The best strategies in email marketing

One of the most important techniques in email marketing is building an email list. Email list is the most important factor in the success of email marketing. Having a standard email list gives your program a purpose and makes you get the best output from the work done.

Creating a newsletter is another technique that will help you achieve success in email marketing. Many people are very interested in newsletters. Now, an experienced internet marketer can introduce the product in the best way by placing and introducing it in the newsletter. In fact, a part of the post or blog should be sent to users continuously along with the newsletter.

Another technique used in email marketing is retargeting. Now what does this mean? It means that you turn the previous buyers back to you. Or, for example, call people who have left their shopping cart half-finished in your online store. This action is called retargeting.

When a customer makes a purchase from you, you need them to come back to you. This work is called retention marketing. It means that you encourage the previous buyers to do business with you again in any way. This method is one of the most widely used today.

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Advantages and Disadvantages

Like everything else in the world, email marketing has its pros and cons.
One of the advantages of this marketing method is its fast and cost-effectiveness, because you no longer need a field marketer, and with just a few simple keys, you can deliver your message directly to the target community. Another advantage of this method is that you can easily see what percentage of customers have reacted positively and are interested in it, so you can focus more on them. Also, considering that you can do different designs, there is no problem and it is easy to start your work.

But this method also has disadvantages. For example, sometimes it may be difficult to design the sent messages. In email marketing, you need to prepare an attractive look that can be displayed on all devices in the same way. So, in this sense, you may have a little problem in the design. Also, keep in mind that many people do not have a good relationship with advertisements, and as soon as they see advertisement messages, they delete and spam them. So you should keep these things in mind.

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How to send promotional emails?

To send promotional e-mails or do some kind of e-mail marketing, you need services that send these e-mails to users for you.
Mailchimp and Millerlite are among the most famous email marketing services, but in Iran, due to the high prices and of course, the sanctions, it is not possible to use them. Instead of them, you can use Iranian services such as Najwa, Mail Chi, Avang Mail and Inbox.

SMS marketing

What is SMS marketing?

The definition of SMS marketing is very simple. Sending a short text message to advertise a service or product and encourage people to buy and use it is called SMS marketing. Of course, many people do not have a good view of this method. What is the reason? The reason is many irrelevant messages that are sent to people regardless of their condition. So this should be done on principle.

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How can we succeed in this way?

In the SMS marketing method, there are two techniques and strategies. The first trick, which is a traditional technique, is sending mass SMS to people. But this technique also has some flaws. For example, many people may ignore the content of the SMS and delete it.
But the second method, which is a more basic and modern method, is called permission marketing with SMS. In this way, promotional SMS messages are sent only to people who are members of the program and have given us permission to send SMS messages.
Which method is better to use?
Using the combination of these two methods guarantees success in this style of marketing. That is, first by sending mass SMS to a huge number of people, invite them to your newsletter and then send it to the members of the newsletter.

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The principles of SMS marketing content

First of all, it is better that the content has an attractive beginning. People naturally see the beginning of the message and judge. So a good start is important.
The second point that you should follow is to create a feeling in the audience that will encourage him to use your product or service. The audience should feel the necessity.
The third point is not to bore the audience and go straight to the point.
But the fourth point, which is very important, is that the audience feels intimacy. This causes a greater impact on the audience.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Like other marketing methods, SMS marketing also has advantages and disadvantages.
One of the advantages of this method is its low and affordable price. You should also know that according to statistics, there is at least one mobile phone in every house in Iran. So it includes high penetration and coverage. Using this method, you can send these SMS any time you want.
But this method also has disadvantages. Its biggest disadvantage is related to people who are not interested in promotional SMS and immediately delete and spam them. It is also difficult to know the target community in this method.

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Content marketing

What is content marketing?

One of the most common marketing methods is content marketing. Surely, just like the two previous methods, you have seen this method in your daily life, which includes video clips, pictures, digital posters and banners, articles, etc. This style is a very good way to present products or services to people because the way it is presented is attractive to many people. Of course, this attractiveness is obtained when the principles of visual attractiveness are observed.

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Learn more about content marketing

Many people think that content marketing is the same as advertising. But it is never like that. In advertising, you try to convince your audience to buy your product or use your service without introduction, and you don’t give any basic information to the audience.
But this is not the case in content marketing. In this method, you first provide comprehensive and complete explanations to the audience in the form of a video or article. Then you tell him why he needs your product or service. When the audience fully feels the need to use that product or service, you introduce your product or service to them.
This method is a much more useful and efficient way to attract customers and increase sales.

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How is content marketing done?

Writing a blog. In this method, you introduce and present your product or service to the audience by writing a complete text and presenting appropriate images.
Another way is to share content on social networks. Today, more than half of the world’s people have access to social networks. So you can introduce your products and services to others by presenting your content in the form of a blog, video or image.
Making a video is one of the best ways to introduce yourself to the audience. People of the world are very interested in watching videos with high visual and audio appeal. So introduce yourself to people by making a clip that fully introduces your product.
Today, podcasts have found a good place in people’s hearts. Using nice words in podcasts is a good way to present your product or service to people.

Benefits of content marketing

Using content marketing methods has special benefits for business owners.
Among them, we can mention the improvement of customer service. What does this mean? It means that you understand what the audience wants according to the produced content and according to people’s reactions to it.
Another benefit is improving your site’s SEO. Because when Google search engines notice your useful content, you will get a better ranking.
But another advantage is being known among people and increasing customers and sales. When your content looks attractive to your audience, you have actually converted them into your customers. So know the importance of this issue.

By reviewing all the things that have been said, you may now realize the importance of marketing types in business improvement. With the help of experts in this field, Amood Group is ready to provide advice to you dear ones to help improve the quality of your business. You can call with us.

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