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Logo design is the process of creating a unique visual representation that embodies the identity, values, and purpose of a brand or organization. It involves the skillful combination of typography, imagery, colors, and graphic elements to craft a distinctive symbol or mark that communicates a brand’s essence. A well-designed logo should be memorable, versatile, and instantly recognizable, serving as a visual anchor that distinguishes a business or entity from its competitors.

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You know that today and with the development of business and business techniques, business owners are required to follow a series of rules and by doing a series of tasks and using some methods, in line with this development, they themselves progress. One of the most important tasks is to have a suitable logo for business that can give a new and innovative identity to your business.

The importance of professional logo design in business

Logo is the face of your business and is considered the first factor to identify your brand by customers. The logo is just a simple image. but in fact, they are the factor of your recognition and contain a treasure of general information about your brand in a minimal and elegant way. Of course, don’t forget that this is possible with the presence of a professional logo designer. A professional designer can put the most information in just one logo in the simplest possible way.
So never forget to leave this work to an expert.

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Logo design steps

1- Basic definitions and information

The first and most important step in logo design is knowing the customer’s needs and analysis by the designer.

2- Researching similar ideas

In the second stage, the designer must see similar designs and mentally prepare a design by taking inspiration from them and what is appropriate.

3- Choice of style and initial design

After completing the previous steps, in the third step, the appropriate style for the desired logo should be selected and the initial design should be presented.

4- Add details

In the fourth step, after receiving the implicit consent from the client, more details should be added to the plan and the necessary checks should be done again by the designer.

5- Digital design

When the design desired by the customer is prepared, it is time for its digital design.

6- Provide logo

After all the previous steps are done, now you are done. Congratulations! Your logo is ready and can be downloaded and used.

Who should have a logo?

Probably, if you are the owner of a business, be it a commercial company, a service company, a store, a restaurant, a sports complex, etc., you know that you should have a series of unique features for your business in order to be as efficient as possible. One of the things you should do is to have a unique logo or symbol for your business.
The more attractive this logo is, the more impact it will have on improving your business. Apart from all this, having a logo gives credibility and prestige to your business.

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Logo design standards

Fit with business

When other people see your logo, they should know what your business is, or at least get some relative recognition. The designer must do this in such a way that the logo can be understood by others.


Try to avoid clutter and luxuries in the logo. Let simplicity do its job. A minimal logo leaves its impression simply at first glance.

Right color

Colors are an inseparable part of life. Colors are recorded in people’s minds, so you should try to go for colors that give people a good view and are also related to your work.

Eternal choice

Some people and businesses get tired of their logo after a short period of time and think of replacing it. The logo should be designed to last forever or at least for a long time.

Cost of logo design

There is no specific fixed price for designing a logo, and the main price is determined when the designer and the customer know what they are going to design. How much time should they spend? Finally, according to the events that are going to happen, the real price will be determined.
But it is interesting to draw your attention to the logos of some of the most famous companies and check their prices:

PEPSI: 1 million dollars

BBC: 1/8 million dollars

TWITTER: 15 dollars

NIKE: 35 dollars

Logo design tools

As you know, we also need professional tools to design a professional logo. Of course, you can use ready-made logos that are abundant on the web, both in the mobile version and in the desktop version, and you can access these logos with both devices. But using ready-made logos is not professional at all. Therefore, you should use design tools such as Photoshop, InDesign, Lightroom, etc. to get the best results. Here at Amood Group, we are ready to help you in the field of designing your exclusive logo by using knowledgeable and experienced professionals. You can contact us fore receive more information.

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