Psychology of color in interior decoration

Color psychology is the science of the correct use of colors in different environments, taking into account the moods of people and the environment.

In life, there are things that cannot be separated from their lives. The solution of these things can be people or things or elements. Colors are always an inseparable part of our human lives. If you just look around, you will see the effect of colors in everything. Even if you look at the clothes you are wearing, you can see that the color may make you feel good. Today, the subject of this article is the psychology of colors in interior decoration. If you look at the parts of the house or walls and anything else right now, you will see different colors. Now, what should these colors look like so that they can have a better effect on our moods? In this article we will examine this issue. If you are interested in knowing this, follow us to the end.

What is color psychology?

Color psychology is the science of correct and correct use of colors in any environment, taking into account the mood of people and the type of environment. For example, if you went to a kindergarten, you only see happy colors. Because these colors have a great effect on improving the mood of children. Or if you go to an office environment, you will see the presence of more dark colors such as brown and black. Every environment has its own color combination. But only the environment does not make us change our choice. The mood of people has a great influence on the right choice of color. For example, a person with dry morals tends to have a dark color spectrum in his bedroom. At the same time, a cheerful teenager likes to see happy and youthful colors in his surroundings. All these events are related to the science of color psychology.

Types of colors from the point of view of color psychology


Cold colors are generally referred to as colors that calm the mind and body of a person. Colors such as white, gray, lemon, pale blue and other such colors. Generally, decoration design experts recommend the use of these colors in environments where people need more relaxation. Environments such as bedrooms, bathrooms, etc. These colors have a great spiritual impact on people’s minds and infuse them with peace.

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But now it’s time to check warm colors. The job of these colors is to inject people with excitement and cheerfulness. Among these colors, we can mention red, green, orange, pink and other such colors. According to the psychology of color, we can see these colors in many environments where people need high excitement and enthusiasm. Environments such as parks, playgrounds, kindergartens, children’s rooms, etc. It is interesting to know that the science of color psychology recommends the use of warm colors in an environment like the kitchen. The use of these colors in the interior decoration of the kitchen can inject enthusiasm to the person present there.


But after cold and warm colors, we have another group of colors that we call neutral. It cannot be said that neutral colors are placed on the opposite side of cold colors. In fact, neutral colors are something between cool and warm colors. Maybe you will understand more by mentioning an example. Imagine that you have gone to an office or bank environment. What colors attract more attention? It is true. Colors like white, cream, gray, gray, brown and other such colors. These colors are exactly the same neutral colors that are more suitable for serious environments. But they should not be used only in such environments. Neutral colors have the ability to form a beautiful combination with cold and warm colors and have the ability to be used in the environment.

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Suitable color for small and large environments

To choose the right color for the environment, different factors are considered. One of the most important factors is the size of the environment. Usually, in small environments, the use of bright colors is recommended. According to the science of color psychology, the use of bright colors makes people’s eyes and minds see the space bigger. But if you are the owner of a large environment, your hand is open to implement different colors. That means you can use both light and dark colors. Of course, keep in mind that another element that helps in the best effect of painting is lighting. Lighting is actually one of the most important elements in the interior decoration of any environment. With a basic and beautiful lighting, you can have a beautiful view in your desired environment.

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Color psychology of different parts of the house


In fact, the bedroom can be considered the safest environment for every human being. People seek to reach mental and physical peace in this environment, away from everyday tensions. In addition to the correct use of interior decoration elements of the bedroom, the correct coloring is also a reason to have a suitable environment. As we said, the bedroom is an environment that instills peace in humans. Generally, the use of cold colors and its combination with neutral colors can add enough peace to the room. But maybe you like warm colors to stand out in your room. In this situation, you can use the combination of neutral colors and warm colors.

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We all know that the kitchen is the heart of the house. When a person enters the kitchen to cook or do something else, he needs enthusiasm that can support him to continue working. One of the elements that can inject this necessary enthusiasm to the person and the environment is the use of warm colors. Earlier, we got acquainted with the category of warm colors. Colors such as red, orange, green, pink, etc., are all included in the category of warm colors. Painting the cabinets or walls with warm colors can inject the necessary vitality into the kitchen.

living room

The living room has always been a place for small and large family or friendly gatherings. In your opinion, what should be the mood of people in such an environment? It is true. People need to show enthusiasm and cheerfulness in this environment. Therefore, the science of color psychology always recommends the use of warm colors. These colors inject freshness into the crowd and make the space happier.

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Perhaps, until now, the decoration of the bathroom has never been important to you. But you should know that it is very important to pay attention to the interior decoration of this environment. Humans need peace and separation of the soul from this world in the bathroom. So it is recommended to always use the combination of cold and neutral colors in these environments. You must have seen that in many health environments, colors such as gray, white, sky blue and gray are used. The reason is to inject people with a sense of peace. So it is better for you to use these colors.

Also, thank you dear ones for accompanying us in this article, as you have seen, we investigated the psychology of color in interior decoration. We always suffer a lot of stress in our lives. So it is better to remove these tensions from ourselves somehow. There are many ways. Meditation, sleep, listening to music, etc. One of these ways is to use appropriate coloring in the environments that we visit the most. The science of color psychology helps us to create an environment that meets our spiritual needs. We hope this article was useful for you. We at Amood Collection are ready to accompany you in designing the best interior decoration by providing free advice.

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