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Correct design, beautiful environment. Yes, a correct design has the ability to give you a pleasant environment. All of us, whether at home or at work, need a space that can inject us with peace and value. In fact, we can say that despite these conditions, we will have a more comfortable body and soul, and we like more than ever to be in environments that are designed according to our taste. Do you want good decoration design? We are here to help you.

طراحی دکوراسیون داخلی - گروه طراحی آمود - interior decoration design - amood design group

Decoration and actually decorative design is one of the most important parts of the construction industry. When a decoration design specialist takes over a project, his duty is actually to complete the work of the previous ones. The people who built the walls and implemented the exterior of the building and brought the inside and outside of the environment to what it is. An expert has the duty to first listen to the customer’s needs, then check and then convey the tips that can improve the decoration to the customer. In this way, both the customer gets what he wants and receives what he likes, and the decoration designer has done his job well.

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Interior decoration design

Interior decoration includes a set of actions that we do in the interior of the home or workplace, etc. These practices include choosing and placing the right elements and tools in the right place. You know that the decoration of the environments we deal with have a great impact on us. These effects include effects on our mood and behavior. A suitable decoration can convey peace, excitement, vitality and other good feelings to people. At the same time, if the decoration cannot satisfy the spiritual needs of the people, it can convey the feeling of anger, confusion and restlessness to the people.

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طراحی دکوراسیون خارجی - گروه طراحی آمود - external decoration design - amood design group

Exterior decoration design

The type of external decoration of a place is like a showcase of that place. Before entering any place, be it home, restaurant, office or any other place, we all first face the external decoration and view of that place. There have been many different styles for exterior cladding from thousands of years ago to today, but a professional designer must know which architectural style to use and where.
A beautiful design also needs additional elements such as lighting that can show off its beauty and grandeur.

Decoration implementation steps

1- Visit your location

To design a suitable decoration, the designer must first visit the environment so that he can do the best design according to the size and the surrounding environment.

2- Understanding your needs

In the second step, the designer must know what the customer wants from him. With this, the designer can give his suggestions to the customer so that they can finally design what they both want.

3- Location analysis

Elements and objects can show themselves when they are in harmony with the environment. This harmony is achieved when the designer has obtained a detailed analysis of the environment and carries out the design according to it.

4- Equipment production

After the decoration design and customer approval, it is time to produce the necessary elements and equipment for implementation. One time use of high-quality products guarantees quality.

5- Assembly of parts

When the production parts are completely made and completed, they should be placed in the correct and appropriate places and the execution of the decoration should be completed.

6- Implementation of decoration

Now the turn is one of the main steps. At this stage, an expert team must correctly put the parts together and implement the design.

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Decoration design of the interior parts of the house


As you know, the bedroom should be a place for people to rest and relax. So, its design should be done in such a way that it injects the most relief. In a bedroom with a suitable design, the combination of colors and the shape of the placement of the furniture should be such that the spaces are used effectively and the arrangement of the room is not disrupted. So, don’t forget the combination of color, lighting and proper arrangement.


We know that the kitchen is the heart of a house. So a kitchen should be designed in such a way that the person who comes there has the most refreshing spirit. This beauty can be obtained by using the right tools in the right place. Of course, these devices are the answer when the right combination of color and lighting is used next to them.


The decoration of the hall of a house is the showcase of the interior decoration of that house. In the hall, people gather together and spend hours together. Therefore, special importance should be given to the arrangement, lighting and coloring there. Why? Because the combination of the good properties of these elements leads to the warmth of the place and the freshness and vitality of people.


Restrooms are environments that we and our family members and friends visit daily. What about the bathroom or the toilet? But do you think that considering the nature of these places, their decoration is not important? It is definitely very important. In these environments, people need some peace. So, you can use cold colors and soft lighting to create this peace along with beauty.

Office interior decoration design

Most of us spend many hours in the workplace every day. Tiredness, tiredness and boredom are feelings that can come to us during these hours. But how can these feelings be prevented? By providing a beautiful and suitable work environment.
What do you think the characteristics of this environment will be?
We know that the surrounding environment affects us a lot. The color and shape of the arrangement of work tools are very effective. Also, the type and amount of lighting in the environment has a significant impact on people’s eyes and psyche. Even the presence of some accessories such as paintings, vases, etc. also add to the above positive points.

دکوراسیون دفتر اداری - گروه طراحی آمود - office decoration - amood design group

Features suitable external decoration design

We said earlier that the external decoration of a place is the showcase of that place. The external trachea of a building should be in such a way that it attracts people more than it catches their eyes. Also, a suitable and standard external decoration should have a style similar to the style of architecture and interior decoration. For example, if you decide to design and implement the classic style for the exterior, you should also pay special attention to the interior decoration while taking care of the surrounding environment. This issue makes a similar connection between the interior and exterior.

3 of the popular styles

دکوراسیون به سبک مدرن - گروه طراحی آمود - modern decoration - amood design group
طراحی دکوراسیون خارجی - گروه طراحی آمود - exterior decoration design - amood design group


As its name suggests, it tries to show modernity and uses creative and innovative ideas and styles. In this style, even the old materials of wood, stone, and brick are avoided and we see mostly steel and concrete. In this style, mostly neutral elements are used, and in its design, it is tried to avoid luxury as much as possible, and the main focus is on the grandeur of the building.


Classic style, a popular and aristocratic style that has many fans. The design idea of this style of architecture is mainly derived from ancient Persian, Roman and Greek architectures. Huge columns next to high arches are special features of this style. Unlike the modern style, in the classic style, luxuries are not avoided and they are used for a more beautiful effect.

طراحی دکوراسیون داخلی کلاسیک - گروه طراحی آمود - classic interior decoration design - amood design group
دکوراسیون خارجی کلاسیک - گروه طراحی آمود - classic external decoration - amood design group
دکوراسیون داخلی به سبک مینیمال - گروه طراحی آمود - minimal interior decoration - amood design group
طراحی دکوراسیون خارجی مینیمال - گروه طراحی آمود - minimal exterior decoration design - amood design group


Minimal style is a fantasy style that has many fans today. The main characteristics of this style are the same as the modern style. That is, luxuries are avoided and the main focus is on simplicity. Also, in this style, it has been tried to make the most practical use of all the spaces while not being crowded.

The importance of expert in decoration design

We know that the design and implementation of decoration is expensive and time-consuming, and its implementation requires special conditions. But apart from all this, a proper design and careful execution can be worth all these difficulties. When you entrust the work to a designer and design expert, he knows where the place of each device is. By understanding the importance of lighting as well as the combination of colors and knowing your mood, he can do the best design. Now we are ready to provide this service to you in Amood Group. You can contact our experts to get more complete information.

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