TV wall in interior decoration

In fact, a TV wall is a wall or screen that, as the name suggests, is placed behind the TV and on the wall.

People’s tastes and lifestyles have caused new elements to be added to life. These elements can exist in all parts of human life. In the type of cover, job, place of residence, etc. But one of the most important parts of human life is interior decoration. We said that people’s tastes and lifestyle can bring changes and improvements. Today, in the decoration industry, new and diverse elements are created by decoration designers. One of these attractive elements is the TV wall. In recent years, we have been able to observe the presence of this decorative element in many environments. It can be said that this element was created to delight wood lovers in decoration. Today, in this article, we are going to introduce the TV wall and its role in interior decoration.

What is a TV wall?

The first question that may arise for you is what is a TV wall? What is its use? Where is it used? What is it made of? Don’t worry at all. All these questions will be answered. In fact, a TV wall is a wall or screen that, as the name suggests, is placed behind the TV and on the wall. In other words, it is better to say, the TV wall is installed on the wall, then the TV is either installed on it, or placed on the table in front of it. The TV wall can be designed both in a simple way and in a patterned way. Also, this beautiful element is made of different materials such as wood, PVC, stone, plaster, etc. In the next part of the article, we will learn about the types of TV wall.

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All types of TV wall

First of all, it is better to know that TV walls can be divided based on the type of material, design and style. At first, we plan to introduce TV walls based on materials.


Decoration is more than an industry, it is a science. Since the beginning of the science of decoration, wood has always been the constant foot of decoration. This natural element has always had and has kept its fans. TV Wall is no exception to this opinion. Of course, not only natural wood is involved in making these elements. In addition to wood, many also use MDF in making TV wall. Both of these elements, in addition to beauty, also have many properties, the most important of which is preventing moisture from penetrating the wall. So don’t underestimate the importance of wood in making these elements.


But another widely used type of TV wall is plaster TV wall. Plaster TV wall is mostly used in such a way that the TV is not installed on it. In fact, it is better to place the TV at a small distance from the TV wall and on the table. But if you want the TV to be placed on the TV wall, in the manufacture of this product, they use materials that can have higher resistance when combined with plaster. Plaster TV wall can also be made and implemented in a simple design.


Natural elements have always been the most popular in the decoration industry. Of course, the use of these natural elements always imposes a higher cost, but their quality and beauty have compensated for this cost. Like wood, stone has many fans around it. In making TV wall, some people use stone. These types of TV walls can be polished or rough. Of course, here the meaning of rough is that there are bumps on the surface of the TV wall, which sometimes contribute to its beauty.


Despite being artificial and man-made, this element is very popular. Why? Because it can show a good performance and has an economical price. Due to the fact that plastic is used in its construction, PVC can be waterproof and moisture-proof like wood and stone. Of course, it does not have the resistance and hardness of the two, but it can still show good quality. This product can be produced in different quality levels, which vary according to its quality, efficiency and price.

But we said that the TV wall can be made in a simple or patterned way. The simple TV wall, as its name suggests, has a simple design and the TV is placed on it. But the patterned TV wall has designs and patterns on it that can be carved on it, or drawn on it by means of painting and drawing tools.

Also, there are TV walls based on style, which we will discuss.

Modern TV wall

In general, in the decoration industry, there are modern elements that are man-made. Such as concrete, steel, glass, etc. Modern TV walls are the type that are said to be not made of natural materials. The best example for that is the PVC TV wall, which can be decorated with different designs and colors.

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Classic TV wall

But the classic TV wall is placed on the opposite side of the modern one. This type of TV wall is mostly made of wood and stone. Nowadays, most of the TV walls that are designed and executed follow the classic style. These types of TV walls show more resistance than themselves and have a higher price.

TV wall price

One of the questions that people always ask is the price of wall TV. It is not possible to announce a fixed price for these products. The price of TV walls varies according to their size and the material used in their construction. Even according to the type of material, according to the different resistances these panels have, their prices change. But if we want to have a general comparison of the price of TV walls, you should know that the wooden TV wall has the highest price. The reason is that it is made from wood such as oak and cherry walnut. After that, the TV wall is made of stone, and in the next ranks, the TV wall is made of PVC and plaster. Of course, note that you choose according to the type of user, not the price.

While thanking you for accompanying us in this article, you saw that we examined the types of TV walls and their role in interior decoration. Using up-to-date elements in interior decoration can increase your taste. It also gives a good impression of your life. If you also want to see your home with a TV wall, there are two solutions. The first is to get help from a decoration designer. The second solution is to use artificial intelligence tools. Here at Amood Collection, we are ready to help you design and implement all kinds of elements in different decoration styles. You can contact us for a free consultation and more information.

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