Principles of logo design

A logo is a symbol or graphic design that includes a name or slogan and is often used in different colors and sizes to introduce a brand.

If you are a professional business owner, you know that you need an element to represent your brand identity. You must have seen that all big businesses have an element called a logo, which perfectly and completely covers their identity. Logo is one of the most important elements of visual identity of a business. A good logo can help your business become more recognizable, gain customers’ trust, and convey your brand message to your audience. Also, a suitable logo can significantly increase the prestige of your work. With these short explanations, we may have been able to show you the importance of logos in business. Today, in this article, we are going to review the principles and stages of logo design. be with us.

What is a logo?

A logo is a symbol or graphic design used to identify a brand. Logos usually include a name or slogan and are often used in different colors and sizes. Logos play an important role in the visual identity of a business. They are the first thing customers encounter and have a huge impact on how they perceive your brand. The importance of this element is very important in the development of a brand in business policies. In fact, by having this style of identity, a business meets the success factors in professional business. There are many ways to design a logo, including hiring a designer or using artificial intelligence tools. In the next section, we plan to learn more about the principles of logo design.

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Principles of logo design

The simplicity of the logo

A good logo should be simple and recognizable. Now what does this mean? It means that when people see your brand logo and can easily understand the concept inside it. In other words, it should be in such a way that people can understand the compatibility of the logo with your business. So you should pay special attention to this issue.

Permanence of the logo

One of the most important principles of logo design is durability. It means that your logo is registered and remains in the mind of the audience. In other words, when people see your logo anywhere, they will quickly remember you. In fact, it is better to say that people will remember your business by seeing it. This is the principle of permanence that is important to many.


The logo that is designed must be designed in a way that can be displayed in different media and places. But what is meant by displayability? It means that you can implement the logo in its original form anywhere. In a simpler definition, the size of the logo should be such that it can be used everywhere. For example, on brochures and catalogs, social networks, posters and banners, etc.


You have seen that many of the things that we have, after some time they all go out of fashion. What do we do in these situations? We will replace them with the new one. This also applies to logos. But in your opinion, should it be such that it needs to be changed after a while? Definitely not. A professional logo designer designs the logo in such a way that it lasts for a long time and does not need to be changed.

Logo design steps

You know that designing a logo is a multi-step process. It is also necessary that all processes are followed carefully. In this section, we examine these processes.

1- Research

The first step in designing a logo is researching the business and its audience. This research will help you better understand your needs and design a logo that fits your brand. So don't underestimate the first and most important step.

2- ideation

The next step is ideation. At this stage, you should create different ideas for your logo design. do not be scared. Implement every idea that comes to your mind at least once. Be sure that among all these ideas, finally one can lead to the final design.

3- Primary production

The next step is primary production. At this stage, you need to turn your ideas into sketches. Note that this preliminary design does not mean the end of the work. You have just reached a preliminary design of the logo and you need to complete the processes to reach the final design.

4- Receiving feedback

The next step is to get feedback from others. Ask your friends, family, colleagues and clients for feedback on your initial designs. In this way, first tell them a general about the business. Then ask if they get this theme from the logo or not. If the majority answer was positive, it means you have succeeded up to this point.

5- Completion

The last step is completion. At this stage, you should refine your designs based on the feedback you have received. Congratulations now. You were able to come up with a final design that is both for you and for others to receive positive messages from.

Famous logos and their messages


The Apple logo is a bitten apple. This logo is a symbol of innovation and creativity. Of course, Steve Jobs, the creator and founder of Apple, said that this symbol is a combination of creativity and a sign of his pursuit of wealth, i.e. apples.


The Google logo is a letter G made up of different colors. This logo is a symbol of diversity and universality. Google’s logo has undergone many changes throughout its history until it finally reached this final design.


The Nike logo is a wing. This logo is a symbol of speed and power. You know that Nike is a brand that works in the field of sportswear production. The logo of this brand also conveys the same message. It means that this company breathes the strength and spirit of sports in athletes.


Puma’s logo is a cat. This logo is a symbol of speed and agility. It is interesting to know that Puma was founded to compete with Nike. In fact, the founders of two companies were two brothers who first founded Nike. But one of the brothers decided to establish the Puma brand after creating differences.

While thanking you for accompanying us in this article, you saw that we examined the principles of logo design. Note that this work is very important in your business. We said that it increases the prestige of your work. It also allows you to establish good relationships with competitors and business partners. So don’t underestimate the importance of professional logo design. Until now, you might think that logos are only for large and extensive businesses. But it is never like this. Even if you have a Coach store, you can give new life to your business identity by ordering a professional logo and introducing it. One of the main activities of Amood Group is graphic design. To carry out logo design processes and receive advice, contact the specialists of the collection.

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