Partition of the office hall

In fact, partitioning is called a thing during which we divide different parts of an environment with the help of partitions.

Most of us have experience working in an office environment. You know that having a dedicated space can give a special order to your work environment. What is the regular result of things progressing? Increase efficiency. In an office environment, all the necessary conditions must be provided so that employees can provide maximum productivity. Of course, not only employees are important. In many office environments, we see the movement of people. The design of office spaces should be such that the people who enter the environment also feel comfortable. You may have seen that some office spaces are in one piece. This environment should be divided by a tool. Separation is done by partition. In this article, we are going to examine administrative partitions. Stay with us.

What is a partition?

In general, the Latin word partition means to divide. Partitioning is also called in Persian language, during which we divide different parts of an environment with the help of partitions. These partitions can be made of different materials such as MDF, PVC, glass and aluminum. Depending on the function of the environment, the choice of the project owner can be different. The use of partitions makes it possible to consider separate spaces for employees. This allows people to focus more on their work. The result, as we said before, is an increase in efficiency. In the next sections of the article, we will learn more about these partitions and their uses.

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Partition types


First, it is better to introduce the most popular type of partition. MDF partition is one of the most popular and widely used partition types. This model has many features. The first and most important one is high impact resistance. This feature makes it possible to use them in crowded environments. Its other property is its waterproof and moisture resistance. But another feature that separates this partition from others is sound insulation. MDF partitions can be a good insulator to remove extra sounds.

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PVC partitions are one of the best and cheapest partitions. These sheets are light weight. Also, their small thickness makes them less resistant than MDF. Of course, this does not make us want to call them weak. PVC partition, like MDF, does not allow nobles to see the outside and can be a good option for people who need a strong privacy in their work environment. Like MDF, PVC is resistant to moisture and water. If you are looking for a partition with a reasonable and economical price, PVC partition is the best choice.


Now it’s time to check one of the most special and stylish types of partitions. The glass partition, which has become one of the most used elements in the interior decoration of the office environment, is also one of the most expensive types of partitions. If you are looking for an economical option, using this type of partition is not economical at all. But if you don’t mind the cost, it is highly recommended to use it. This model has a high impact resistance due to the fact that resistant glass is used in its construction. It is also possible to achieve sound insulation by using more layers of glass.

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Using partition in combination

You may want to have access to the outside environment while using the MDF partition. We said that this material does not allow you to have a sufficient view of the outside environment. In such a situation, you can use the combination of this partition with its glass type. Of course, this is not only for MDF partitions. If you intend to use a PVC partition, you can also combine it with glass. Note that these glasses are less resistant.

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Office partition price

Of course, a fixed and accurate price cannot be considered for the implementation of these partitions. You must first choose the material you want to use as a partition. Then, you can know the exact price by informing the design team about the size of the environment. But if we want to compare the price of partition types in general, you should know that MDF type is more expensive than others. After that is the glass partition, which has a relatively high price. In the end, if you want to make an economical choice, you can go for PVC partition. You can also contact Amod Collection to get more detailed information.

Applications of office partition

You may also see some defects in the body of the environment in some office environments. You may also happen to see that many scratches or ugliness of the environment or even the passage of cables and electrical wires are covered in some way. Partitions allow you to cover the defects in the environment.

We said that partitions can cause the environment to be divided into several separate parts. This causes each department or each person to have their own work environment. in such a way that he can perform the specific activities of his work environment in it completely and safely. By using the administrative partition, the environment can be usefully divided into separate parts.

We know that partitions can be made of different materials. This has made it possible to produce these elements in different designs and shapes. Of course, the office environment should have its own decoration and according to that decoration, choose the design and color of the partition. But in general, the variety of partitions provides you with the conditions that your hands are open to implement different decorations.

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Preview of partitioned office environment

You may still be in doubt about what type of partition you should use. There are several solutions in front of you to know this. One of these ways is to ask a decoration designer to design your environment. But if you don’t have the money for this, you can see a beautiful preview of the office environment after partitioning by using artificial intelligence tools. If you intend to do one of these two tasks, you can count on the help of the experts of Amood Group.

As you have seen, in this article, we examined the partitioning of office halls. Now knowing the possibilities that these tools give you, you can make your choice more easily. Note that order in the workplace is very important. This will help you achieve the order and efficiency you want in your office environment. While thanking you for accompanying us in this article, we hope that the presented content has been of interest to you. We at Amood Group are ready to cooperate with you with expertise in design and interior and exterior decoration components. You can contact the experts of Amood Group to get free advice and get more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which partition model is better to use?

To determine which model of partition is more suitable for you, you should measure the conditions of your work environment. If you need to communicate with the outside environment, transparent models are better. But if you need enough concentration, it is better to use models that limit access to the outside.

What is the quality of these partitions?

According to the material used in the partitions, their quality can be different. Of course, the durability of these elements depends on how you treat them and take care of them.

Are these partitions waterproof?

Generally, the partitions that are made are tried to be made with waterproof properties. In this way, they can easily be cleaned with water and show good resistance against moisture penetration.

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