0 to 100 email marketing introduction

Email marketing is one of the best marketing methods that is based on email and is highly effective today due to the spread of email networks.

Email marketing is one of the new methods of digital marketing, which today, due to the expansion of the use of email accounts by people, has become a suitable way to earn more money and attract more customers for businesses. In today’s world, it is necessary for people to use any new method that can lead to the acquisition of more customers in order to be ahead of their competitors. Today, in this article, we are going to introduce email marketing from 0 to 100. So don’t miss this article and follow us until the end.

What is email marketing?

Email marketing is one of the direct marketing methods between businesses and their customers so that they can inform them about their interactive advertising and marketing. According to official statistics, today more than four and a half billion people in the world use email services, which is expected to reach more than 5 billion people in the coming years. The positive point of this method is that businesses can communicate with their target community directly and without intermediaries. This is enough to know how important it is to pay attention to the principles of email marketing. In fact, people should not start sending emails and advertisements as soon as they access an email bank. This activity should be done using the expertise and knowledge of a digital marketing specialist.

The introduction of email marketing activities does not end here. Stay with us in the rest of the article to provide you with more information in this regard.

The benefits of email marketing

But let’s look at some of the benefits of email marketing.

Fortunately, one of the main advantages of email marketing, which is the focus of many people, is that it has an affordable price, and people who intend to reach new and old customers through cheap methods can use this way to reach their goal.

In many ways of advertising, there are limitations to the design of ads. But in email marketing, people have the possibility to customize their ads as they wish so that they can attract the opinion of the audience.

This method helps to convey the message to the audience quickly and easily. In fact, through email advertising, people can be sure that they have been able to communicate with the audience and that the audience can receive their advertisements.

One of the most important concerns of people when designing advertisements is whether this advertisement has a conversion rate or not. The conversion rate is an indicator that shows the percentage of your customer acquisition through the ads you sent to them. Email advertising can have a high conversion rate if done properly.

Applications of email marketing

Email advertising or email marketing?

Many people think that email advertising and email marketing are the same thing. But it is not like this. In general, email marketing is a much broader process than email advertising.

In email advertising, people first prepare a series of ready and specific ads and send them to many people through email. This is very simple and can be done by just buying an email bank and sending emails to individual email addresses.

But email marketing involves a long-term and professional relationship between businesses and potential and actual customers. In fact, this relationship starts with a license that was previously issued by the customer, and the messages exchanged between these two groups can go beyond a simple advertisement and lead to a business between these two groups.

ایمیل مارکتینگ چیست - what is email marketing
ایمیل مارکتینگ چیست - what is email marketing

What businesses need email marketing?

First of all, it should be noted that the rate of return on investment and click rate can be different according to the type of your business. Email marketing is just one tool that needs to be used properly. In fact, mainly businesses that pay a lot of attention to after-sales service and are interested in providing their new products or services to their previous customers should pay a lot of attention to email marketing. In general, email marketing is suitable for people and businesses who, in addition to being interested in continuing to work with customers, want an inexpensive way to retain customers and continue marketing.

Do not forget that in this field you need to use the expertise of a digital marketing and e-commerce specialist. We at Amood Design and Branding Group are ready to help you dear ones. Just call us.

Email marketing steps

Before explaining this part, we must say that before starting activities related to email marketing, you need to get help from a personal expert who has experience in this field. This will help you achieve maximum results. But the steps of email marketing implementation include the following:

Choose a strategy

The first step in the beginning of all marketing activities is to write and formulate a good and suitable and strong strategy for the progress of the work. Therefore, by having a suitable strategy, you can carry out your activities in a more orderly manner.

Create an email list

In the second step, you should prepare a list of people you intend to continue your marketing activity with. Basically, this list should be prepared in such a way that the target community itself is satisfied with it and interacts with you. Otherwise, by preparing an email bank, you can reach a wide range of people, which, of course, is not an ethical way.

Choose the right service

There are various institutions and companies on the web that can help you in providing email sending services. Amood Design and Branding Group is ready to help you in this field. You can also access a huge group of similar services by searching the word bulk email.

Email design and its content

But one of the most important stages of the email marketing campaign is the design of the email and its content. The attractiveness of these emails in terms of content and visuals can help your success.

Send emails

At this stage, you just need to send the content of the emails to your target community and wait for its results.

Analyzing data and repeating steps with a new strategy

After completing all the above steps, it is time for accurate and professional data analysis so that they can develop new strategies using the results of these analyses. In the analysis stage, it is necessary to check the e-mail delivery report, e-mail opening rate, and audience click rate so that better results can be obtained in the next campaigns with the received information.

The best email marketing strategies

But it is interesting to know that email marketing, which is one of the main marketing strategies, also includes a series of special strategies that we will discuss further.


In simple terms, retargeting means retargeting buyers who have previously purchased our products or services. This process is done by focusing on people that we haven’t heard from for a long time, and by this means we try to attract them to us again.

Create a newsletter

Creating newsletters is one of the best and easiest ways to attract customers through email marketing. With this method, you can invite your target community to subscribe to the newsletter and publish additional news, new products and services in the newsletter, and things that can help you earn money in this way.

Retention Marketing

Retention marketing is generally done with the aim of keeping customers and tries to encourage customers to buy products or use our services again. In this way, in addition to keeping old customers, we will be able to create new customers for ourselves.

Creating various campaigns

Email marketing itself is run in a dummy campaign. One of the ways to achieve success through email marketing campaigns is to create a new and creative campaign immediately after the end of a campaign and analyze the data and results, using the previous data and formulating new strategies.

تبلیغات ایمیلی - email ads
تبلیغات ایمیلی - email ads

Characteristics of a good email marketing content

After knowing all of the above, you need to be able to create a good email content to send to your target audience. Stay with us to examine this issue in a preliminary way.

First, make sure that your content is attractive to the audience. An attractive content includes images and visual effects that can attract the audience in the first place.

After that, it is time to write a suitable text that is not so short that it does not provide information to the audience, nor is it so long that it discourages the audience from continuing. In writing this text, your sentences should not be so superficial and simple that the audience does not take you seriously. At the same time, you should not use harsh sentences so that the mind of the audience is hurt.

In the end, it is necessary to say that during the writing and creation of this content, it is necessary to provide your exact address and addresses so that the audience can easily communicate with you and the business activity between you is formed.

Email marketing can be a good and appropriate solution to expand business activities between the business and its former customers, which at the same time can help attract new customers. Thank you for joining us in this article. We hope that the information provided in this article will be useful for you. Using the expertise and experience of digital marketing and e-commerce specialists, Amood Design and Branding Group is ready to help you dear ones in this field. You can contact us for more information and free consultation.

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