What is an infographic?

Infographic is actually a graphic information design that presents data to the audience in an attractive way using images and statistical data.

When you are surfing the virtual space, certain graphic designs will catch your attention, and by paying attention to them, you will realize that there is a series of information and data hidden in the heart of these contents. In today’s busy world, audience attention is a rare treasure. The flood of information and data drowns the human mind in a multitude of numbers and sometimes understanding deep concepts in the midst of this confusion becomes a difficult challenge. But in the meantime, a visual and attractive solution called infographics is emerging. Infographic is a rhythmic dance of graphics and information that conveys complex concepts to the audience in the simplest possible way with a visual language. It’s as if the information wears a color and design and turns into a telling and attractive story in the form of diagrams, images and creative arrangements. But we want to introduce infographics.

What is an infographic?

Let’s first demystify and unveil this concept in the digital world. Infographics are actually called information mapping or informative graphics. But this powerful tool presents information and data in a coherent, understandable and attractive way using charts, images, icons and visual layouts. Just as a map clearly shows the path, infographics pave the way to understanding complex concepts. So it is as if by crossing a visual road, we get to the heart of information and gain a deeper understanding of the subject in question. You might think to yourself that this information can be easily included in these graphic designs. But in fact it is not like that. This information is supposed to be presented to the audience in an attractive way. So it should be designed in a beautiful and attractive way so that they can attract the attention of the audience.

Source of data in infographic design

You may have a question about what the infographic is based on and according to what factors. In fact, infographics are based on data and information. It is as if these data are fertile soil in which the seeds of creativity are planted. Detailed research, reliable information gathering and correct data classification are the first steps in designing an effective infographic. Just as a skilled chef delicately combines ingredients, an infographic designer provides an appealing visual taste to the audience by creatively arranging information, charts, and images. It is not bad to repeat that these designs should be done by a graphic design specialist. Because you intend to present this information in an attractive way to your target audience.

Infographics in advertising

But one of the most important uses of infographics is in the advertising industry. In fact, infographics are a magical tool in the world of advertising. It is as if it tells a story about your brand with an expressive language and attractive images and attracts the audience to your world. Quickly attracting attention, conveying the message in a lasting way and increasing the willingness to share are some of the benefits of infographics in the world of advertising. In other words, infographics give powerful wings to your message and make it fly in the sky of the audience’s mind. For those who are trying to attract the audience to themselves by using interactive advertising, one of the best solutions is to use different advertising methods such as infographics and videography. The design of these advertising tools in Amood Collection is done professionally by using the experience of graphic designers.

Other uses of infographics

The use of infographics is as wide as the world of information. what does it mean? That is, in any field you can think of, you can use this advertising and digital element. From education and science to business and marketing, infographics in any field can be used as a powerful tool to convey information and attract an audience. Financial reports, statistics, scientific trends, educational guidelines and even historical stories can all be presented in an attractive and understandable way in the form of infographics. These are all just some of the miracles of infographics in its impact on the audience. Note that this information must be entered accurately in these graphic designs. Providing wrong information can alienate your audience.

Elements similar to infographics

Infographics have similarities with charts, information maps and management dashboards. Let’s learn a little more about these three elements. A chart displays data in a visual way. Information mapping presents information in a graphical and visual way. The management dashboard is designed to display key information at a glance. In the continuation of this section, we are going to get to know each other a little more with the differences and similarities of these advertising and digital tools. Stay with us.


All four elements can be used to present information visually. These designs give better results if they are more attractive.

The purpose of implementing these four digital tools is to help increase the clarity of the message. It can also help to increase the audience’s understanding of this advertisement.

You saw that we introduced four digital tools. It is interesting to know that all four tools can be used in different fields such as education, business and advertising.

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Infographics are generally story-driven and present information in the form of a visual narrative.

Charting focuses on data display and seeks to analyze information.

Information mapping deals with presenting complex information in a simple way.

The management dashboard focuses on providing key information at a glance and is designed to monitor performance.

Choosing the right tool depends on your purpose and type of information. If you are looking to present a compelling story, infographics are the right choice. If you care about data display and analysis, choose Chart. But if you want to present complex information in a simple way, information mapping is for you. And if you’re looking for performance monitoring, choose a management dashboard.

The best infographic tools

You know that for designing graphic designs, there are many tools and software that can be used to design these elements. These tools can be installed on mobile phones or powerful computers and help you. There are many tools for designing infographics, each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages. Your choice should be based on your level of professionalism and of course your needs. Canva, Piktochart, Infogram, Visme and Venngage are among the most popular infographic design tools that help designers, both beginners and professionals, to create attractive and creative infographics. Of course, note that these tools are only part of the software that can help you in this field.

Thank you for joining us in this article. As you have seen, in this article, we introduced the infographic and analyzed it completely. Infographics are a window to the visual world of information. It is as if by passing through this window, we step into a land where complex concepts are clothed in color and design and enter the audience’s mind and heart in the form of an attractive story. Infographics are a powerful tool for conveying information, engaging audiences, and enhancing understanding. Today, take a step into the world of infographics and experience the power of visual magic of information. We hope that the material presented in this article was useful to you. We at Amood Group are ready to help you in this field by using digital marketing specialists and graphic artists. You can contact our experts for more information.

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