Environmental advertising – principles of design

Environmental advertising refers to any type of advertisement that is displayed outside the home and in public places in public view.

Imagine you are walking down a busy street. Suddenly, your eyes fall on a huge billboard displaying a stunning image of a new product. A little further, a bus with an attractive design of a famous brand is passing by. And while crossing the pedestrian bridge, a huge banner draws your attention to an important event. These are just a few examples of environmental advertisements, colorful paintings that are imprinted on the city’s landscape and convey their message to the audience in today’s noisy world. Nowadays, with the development of the advanced lives of the people of the world, businesses need to use many methods to be able to introduce themselves to the people. This work requires a series of correct strategies to be successful. Today, in this article, we are going to introduce and review environmental advertising and its principles.

What is environmental advertising?

In short, environmental advertising is any type of advertisement that is displayed outside the home and in public places and exposed to the public. This type of advertising exposes the audience to advertising messages while performing their daily activities. Environmental advertising requires a series of key elements for design. These elements include images, text, color and arrangement of elements in the design. The images used must be completely related to the topic and of course attractive and catchy. The text used in these designs should be short, clear and memorable. The color you use should be chosen according to the principles of color psychology. Using the right colors can increase the attractiveness and effectiveness of the ad. Also, the arrangement of different elements in the advertisement should be such that the message of the advertisement is clearly conveyed to the audience.

Environmental advertising design principles

Environmental advertising design is based on four principles. In this section, we are going to examine these four features. Stay with us.

Maybe you have heard the saying that beauty is in simplicity. Of course, this statement is not always true. But most of the time it is true. Advertising should be simple and understandable. When you try to involve the audience too much in the topic, it becomes boring for him and makes the audience disgusted. So always consider simplicity.

The text of the ad should be in such a way that it can easily convey the content to the audience. Of course, in addition to conveying the content, it should be in such a way that your target audience understands the topic. Otherwise, you alienate the audience.

Imagine you are shopping at a jewelry store. In your opinion, what can draw your attention to a particular element among all those jewels? That the jewel is different from other jewels around it and can convey a better feeling to you. It is the same with advertising. Environmental advertising should be in a form that can attract the attention of the audience.

One of the most important characteristics in the design of environmental advertising is that the advertisement can attract the attention of the audience. When the attention of the audience is drawn to your advertisement, it automatically becomes attractive to him and this can cause the audience to communicate with you.

Advantages of environmental advertising

Wide audience

We said that environmental advertising can be implemented in many internal and external environments. What do we want to achieve now? In this way, you can present your ads to a larger audience. This issue can easily increase clients.

High impact

There are many forms of advertising that can attract people’s attention. But keep in mind that environmental advertising is one of the most traditional methods that has always worked. You can achieve your desire with a basic design.

Environmental diversity

In your opinion, environmental advertising can be done in what environments? This type of advertisement can be presented in different formats such as billboards, banners, stands, etc. This means that you can offer these ads to people in a large geographical area and attract them to you.

Disadvantages of environmental advertising

We checked the benefits of these ads. Now let’s examine its disadvantages. When you fully consider the pros and cons of an event, it becomes easier to choose the right option for you. The first drawback of this type of advertising is the relatively high initial cost. Of course, according to the advertising platform, this cost can vary. Another disadvantage of this type of advertising is the inability to precisely target the audience. In this way, you cannot present these ads only to your target audience. Also, the limitation in creativity is another disadvantage of this type of advertising. Due to space and time limitations, creativity in environmental advertising is somewhat limited.

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The most important environmental advertising platforms

Here, the meaning of the platform is how these advertisements can be presented to the audience. Generally, there are many elements to provide environmental advertising. Among these elements, physical banners and posters, tracts, brochures and catalogs, etc. can be mentioned. Note that in these elements, in addition to the correct advertisement design, great attention should also be paid to the correct and attractive graphic design. A good advertisement along with beautiful graphics can be more attractive. So be sure to consider this as well.

Interactive environmental advertising

Today, with the advancement of technology, we see the emergence of new methods of advertising such as interactive advertising. Interactive ads keep the audience actively involved in the ad and create an engaging and memorable experience for them. One of the effective ways to increase the effectiveness of environmental advertisements is to combine them with interactive advertisements. For example, QR codes can be used in environmental advertising to direct audiences to a brand’s website or social media pages. Also, new technologies such as augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) can be used to create engaging interactive experiences in environmental advertising. In general, by using the science of digital marketing, you can have a better experience in presenting advertisements. You can also improve your advertising level by following the principles of e-commerce. At Amood Group, we are ready to help you in the field of designing all kinds of advertisements.

Thank you for joining us in this article. As you have seen, in this article, we introduced and reviewed environmental advertising, design principles, and its advantages and disadvantages. Environmental advertising is a powerful tool for attracting audience attention and increasing brand awareness. By using creativity and innovation, this type of advertising can be used to achieve different marketing and advertising goals. Note that this type of advertising should be done using the expertise, experience and knowledge of an advertising design specialist. In this way, your percentage of success in these ads is higher. We at Amood Group are ready to help you dear ones in this field by taking advantage of our experience and creativity in advertising design. You can contact us for more information and free consultation.

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