Organizational color + characteristics + psychology of color

Organizational color refers to the set of colors that an organization chooses to create its identity and brand, and are usually used in logos and advertisements.

It is natural that everything in this world has a special and unique identity for itself. For example, let’s take humans as an example. You know that you have an identity as a human being. What does your identity consist of? Name, surname, place of birth, eye color, hair color, skin color, etc. All these features together make you a unique person compared to other people. Businesses and organizations also have a special identity for themselves. Now you may ask how? Colors are one of the most important elements in human life. They can affect our feelings, emotions, and even behaviors. In the business world, colors also play an important role. They can help build brand identity, attract customers, and increase sales. Today, in this example, we are going to introduce the organizational color.

What is organizational color?

Organizational color refers to the set of colors that an organization chooses to create its identity and brand. These colors are usually used in the organization’s logo, website, advertisements, products and services, and even the internal environment of the organization. This allows that organization or business to separate itself from other competitors and peers and have a special identity for itself. In fact, this identity makes this business able to gain a high prestige among other people in the society, especially its audience. This identity is obtained by using the knowledge of a digital marketing expert and of course a professional graphic artist. Of course, the matter does not end here. Stay with us to tell more about organizational color.

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Why should we use organizational colors?

Creating brand identity

A business needs to have its own identity. Colors can help create a unique brand identity. They can help customers identify the brand easily and differentiate it from other brands. We see this a lot in today’s world.

Attract customers

It can be safely said that nowadays people pay a lot of attention to the appearance of a thing. Now this thing can be a good or a service. In addition, colors can have a huge impact on customers’ decisions. They can help attract new customers and increase sales.

Increase brand awareness

Always using the right elements will register a brand in the minds of its audience. The same thing is true in relation to organizational color. Colors can help increase brand awareness. They can help customers remember the brand and introduce it to others.

Where is organizational color used?

In fact, the corporate color is the color that becomes the main theme of a business. Let’s examine the promotional tools of a business. They use tools such as posters and banners, brochures and catalogs, logos, interactive advertisements, etc. As a result, it is necessary to use the organizational color correctly in this project. Too little or too much use of these colors in advertising elements makes advertising less effective.

Characteristics of organizational color

An organizational color should include three main characteristics. In the following, we will examine these features. Stay with us.

Organizational color must be permanent. This means that the right colors should be chosen that will be liked by customers for a long time. It should also be in such a way that you, as a business owner, do not get tired of it and do not think of changing and modifying it in a short time.

Choosing the right color itself is a huge part of useful and professional advertising. The corporate color should match the brand identity. This means choosing colors that convey the brand message correctly. So don’t forget how choosing the right color affects your ads.

Organizational color should be flexible. This means choosing colors that can be used in a variety of media and situations. This can be achieved by using the experience of a digital marketing specialist and of course a graphic artist.

color psychology

If you look at the subject of the article, you will see a word called color psychology. At first glance, this word may seem strange to you. But don’t worry, it’s nothing scary. Color psychology is actually the science of correct use of different colors in different places. For example, consider interior decoration. In interior decoration, colors such as blue, white, gray, etc., which fall into the category of cold colors, can convey a sense of peace and security. On the opposite side, warm colors such as red, yellow and orange are placed. These colors convey a sense of excitement. This issue is also true in relation to organizational color. Colors that attract the audience’s attention and convey a good feeling should be used.

The influence of color psychology on organizational color choice

We said that color psychology is the study of the effect of colors on human emotions and behavior. Colors can have different effects on people. For example, blue is usually associated with calmness and confidence, while red is usually associated with energy and excitement. Color psychology can have a great influence on the choice of organizational color. By understanding the different effects of colors on humans, it is possible to choose colors that have a positive effect on the audience. For example, a technology company might use bright and energetic colors like blue or green to create a sense of innovation and excitement in its audience. A financial services company might use dark and trusted colors like blue or black to create a sense of security and confidence in its audience. Consequently, do not underestimate the importance of using the correct color.

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A few additional points

In choosing an organizational color, you should pay attention to your target audience. Choose colors that are attractive and understandable to your audience.

Use complementary or contrasting colors next to each other to create a beautiful and eye-catching combination.

Use neutral colors like white, black or gray to balance your color scheme.

By following these tips, you can create a beautiful and impressive corporate color for your business.

Thank you for staying with us until the end of this article. You saw that in this article we discussed and introduced organizational color. We also introduced the psychology of color and its effect on organizational color. We said that corporate color is one of the most important elements in creating brand identity and business success. By choosing the right colors and considering the psychological effects of color, you can make a positive impact on your audience and help your business succeed. Note that these colors can be used in elements such as logos, brochures and brandbooks. So it is necessary to take a big step towards correct advertising and success by using correct colors. We at Amood Group are ready to help you in the above fields by using the expertise and experience of digital marketing specialists and graphic artists. For more information, please contact us.

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