Packaging Design

Packaging design refers to the process of creating the visual and structural elements that encompass a product’s packaging. It encompasses the art and science of developing a container or wrapping that not only protects and contains the product but also communicates its brand identity and value proposition to consumers. Effective packaging design not only attracts attention on store shelves but also conveys important information about the product’s features, benefits, and usage instructions. It plays a vital role in enhancing brand recognition, differentiating products from competitors, and influencing consumer purchasing decisions.

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Today, with the development of the business industry, business owners must add a number of facilities to sell their products. Maybe you are like this, that you are more attracted to the appearance of a product at first glance. This is the product packaging. The packaging of a product is the showcase of that product. The showcase should always be beautiful and attract others. Now, this showcase has a series of rules and regulations, by following which we will have the best packaging.

What is packaging design?

You must know that the most important factor to attract customers to a product and buy it is its appearance and packaging. So, in the commercial context of a brand, packaging is very important. An eye-catching design catches the customer’s eyes and eventually sells that product and makes it stay in the customer’s memory.
Of course, the point that is worth noting is that there are different packages for each gender. Box, metal, plastic, glass, etc. packaging are part of the types of packaging.
One of the most important points that you should pay attention to during packaging is that the customer should be aware of the material inside the package. Whether you see the product itself due to the transparency of the packaging or whether a beautiful photo of the product is printed on the packaging.

Examples of beauty and creativity in packaging

But to design a suitable package, you must answer three main questions.
What is your product?
Who are your customers?
Where do you want to sell the product?

The answer to the first question is obvious. You should be aware of the type of product for which you are going to design the packaging so that you can design and implement designs and ideas suitable for that product in your mind or in a graphic environment. You should also know what type of packaging is more suitable according to the size of the product or even its delicacy or hardness. So pay attention to all these things.

In response to the second question, you should consider who will be the buyers of this product? Men and women definitely have different tastes. The packaging that looks attractive to a lady may not be beautiful to a gentleman. Or maybe, from the point of view of a child, the packaging of a product looks beautiful and attractive, but from the point of view of an elderly person, it is just a cute and childish packaging. Therefore, one should know the target society and then design and implement a beautiful and appropriate packaging according to them.

But in response to the third question, which is also very important, it should be said that you should consider where your product is going to be sold? Is it sold online at all or is it sold in stores? For online sales, you should pay more attention to the strength of the packaging. But it is possible that your product will be sold in a supermarket. You must know that you have many competitors there. So your design should be such that it attracts the customer. So you have to analyze the packaging of competitors’ products, fix the defects and design and implement a complete version.

Principles of standard packaging

Certainly, when we all buy a product, one of the most important factors we consider is product packaging. You might think to yourself that if our product is good, a simple and empty design is enough. It is true that the high quality of the product is important, but maybe many people are not familiar with the quality of the product. So it is better to attract them with the beauty of the packaging. In the following, we will examine the main principles of product packaging design.

Product protection : It may not be given much attention, but one of the important points in packaging design is the protection power that can protect the inner product well.

Uniqueness : When you copy another design for your design, you simply become a worthless copy of that product. Taking inspiration from competitors is good, but copying is never.

Color selection : The colors you use should be such that they attract the customer. Also, the colors used should help make other elements look better and not ruin your entire design. Note that you have to choose a special color according to the product. For example, in the design of food packaging, it is recommended to use happy colors. Or, for example, in the packaging of stylish and prestigious gift accessories such as watches or jewelry, you should use simple and heavy colors such as white, black or crimson.

Photo selection : When the customer sees the packaging of your product, he may not see the content inside. So you should put a beautiful photo of your product on its packaging with creativity and art. Note that not choosing a photo or choosing the wrong photo will waste all your efforts to produce the product and its packaging.

Appropriate words and sentences : The use of heavy sentences is prohibited! The customer wants to buy a product from you and needs to get information about it. So you should give him complete information in the form of simple and fluent and of course comprehensive sentences. It is better to present a little slogan and tension in the bolded words and sentences and attract the customer towards you.

Honesty : An advertisement is the anti-advertisement. Many people and designers think that by implementing false plans or writing false words and sentences on the plan, they can attract many customers. Maybe this will happen to them only once, because when the customer sees that the content inside the package is very different from what is written on the package, he will stop buying that product forever, and a customer is easily lost.

Maintaining brand value: When customers view and buy a product, one of the things they pay attention to is the brand of the product. A correct design is such that it shows and introduces the name and logo of the manufacturing company to the customer.

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Why should we get help from a designer?

Maybe you know something and be a professional in it. Sometimes you may see people who have no knowledge of it doing it. The same is true for packaging design. A professional expert knows how much and where to use each element or each photo and text. So, it is better to leave this specialized and important task, which has a significant impact on the business, to a packaging design specialist by spending a little money.

Packaging cost

One of the main concerns of sellers and manufacturers has always been the cost of packaging their products. Of course, considering the high work class it has, the costs for packaging are worth it. But in relation to the price of packaging products and packages, it is not possible to provide an exact number. Its price is variable because there is a separate cost for designing the product packaging, and another separate price must be considered for its printing and execution. We are here to help you with packaging design. For more detailed information, contact the experts of Amood Group to get more detailed information.

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