What is Thermowall? – Wooden acoustic wall covering

Thermowall is a type of wall covering made of Thermowood or PVC, which has a beautiful appearance and is used in interior decoration and building facades.

You may also have the experience of being in a place where you realized that neither additional sounds are coming in from the outside, nor your voice is out of the environment or reverberating in the environment. Also, when you have been in an indoor environment, you may have noticed that floor and wall coverings have thermal properties. But you may ask, what is the origin of these events? In the modern world, people have always been looking for ways to create a beautiful, efficient and environmentally friendly space. Meanwhile, choosing suitable materials for construction and interior decoration plays a key role. Thermowall, as a new generation of wall coverings, has become an ideal choice for designers and architects by combining beauty, efficiency and respect for nature. Today, in this article, we are going to introduce and review thermowall and acoustic wall covering. Follow us to the end.

What is Thermowall?

Let’s first define what is thermowall? Thermowall is a type of wall covering made of wood or PVC, which has a beautiful appearance and high color variety, and is used in interior decoration and building facades. This product has become a popular option among designers and manufacturers with advantages such as high resistance to weather conditions, heat insulation, waterproof and moisture proof, and easy installation. If you are confused about how to cover your indoor environments such as bedroom or living room or even outdoor environments such as the pool area, using thermowalls is a suitable and attractive option. Of course, the introduction of these elements does not end here. In the following, we are going to examine the benefits of thermowall.

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Advantages of using thermowall

One of the first points that people pay attention to when choosing decoration components is the appearance of that element. Thermowall is available in various designs and colors that can match any taste and any type of decoration. So you can safely think about choosing these elements.

Another factor that should be considered when choosing decoration elements is its resistance and durability. This product is resistant to bad weather conditions, humidity, insects and UV rays and has a long life.

Due to its special structure, thermowall is sound and heat insulating and helps to maintain a pleasant temperature in the interior. This feature is due to the fact that sometimes special radiators are used behind them to help heat them.

Thermowall installation is quick and easy and not very difficult. But you should note that if you are not skilled in this field, you must seek help from an expert.

Another useful feature of thermowalls is that they are resistant to water and moisture. For this reason, this product is easily washable and can be used in places that require constant cleaning.

What is acoustic wall covering?

We said that imagine that you are in an environment where there is no noise pollution. Acoustic wall covering is a type of wall covering designed to absorb sound and reduce its reflection in the environment. This type of wall covering is made of materials such as foam, wool, fabric panels and wood and is used in places such as conference halls, sound recording studios, libraries and schools. These wall coverings can be made of different materials. These materials include wood, leather, MDF, PVC and foam. Each of the things we have said has its own characteristics and can be used for a specific environment. Of course, these have differences in terms of price. For example, leather acoustic panel is the most expensive model. Wooden acoustic panel can be introduced as the most popular and widely used type of acoustic panel.

Advantages of using acoustic panels

As you saw, we said at the beginning that acoustic wall covering helps to absorb sound and reduce its reflection in the environment. It is worth mentioning that this type of wall covering provides you with a quiet and pleasant atmosphere by reducing the sound. According to the specific place of use of each model, there are a series of tips. For example, using a foam model in studios can help improve sound quality. Or, for example, the use of leather acoustic wall coverings in office environments can greatly help to increase the prestige of these environments. Wooden, MDF or PVC acoustic wall coverings can also be used in home environments such as living room, dining room and bedroom. These elements can help you a lot considering that they have a high resistance to impact, moisture and insects. They can also be produced and used in various colors and designs.

The difference between thermowall wall and acoustic panel

Up to this point in the article, you have gained a good familiarity with thermowall and acoustic panels. But these two popular and widely used elements have a series of differences with each other. Join us to explore these differences. First of all, you should know that these two elements both act as insulators. With the difference that thermowalls are heat insulation, but the acoustic panel is sound insulation. In other words, the presence of acoustic materials between the layers of the acoustic panel has caused the additional sounds to be completely absorbed by these panels and you will have a quiet environment with excellent sound quality. On the other hand, we said that thermowalls can be heat insulators. This property is because behind these wall coverings and floor coverings, a series of special radiators are usually used so that they can transfer heat.

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Thermowall and acoustic panel: attractive bio-friends

Nowadays, according to the growing trend of urban life in different societies, one of the things that should be paid much attention to is that the elements that we use in our daily life do not harm the environment. Thermowall and acoustic panel are two of the bio-friendly elements in the field of decoration. For example, thermowall can help reduce energy consumption. Or, for example, acoustic panels with their properties can eliminate noise pollution to a great extent. It should be noted that the production of these elements does not cause much damage to the environment around us. It means that it is not necessary to cut down many trees. Also, these elements can be easily recycled. These things can be good reasons to make you use these two beautiful elements.

Thank you for staying with us until the end of this article. As you have seen, in this article, we introduced and reviewed thermowall, acoustic panel and reviewed the differences between them. We said that thermowall and acoustic wall covering are two types of wall covering with unique advantages. The choice of each of these two types of wall covering depends on your needs and taste. If you are looking for beauty and diversity, Thermowall will be the right choice for you. But if you are looking for a quiet space without sound, choose acoustic wall covering. We hope that the material presented in this article will be considered and useful. Amood design group with expertise in decoration design is ready to help you dear ones in this field. If you want to contact Amood Group, you can contact us through communication bridges.

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